55 Seamless Subtle Grunge Patterns

I’ve put the finishing touches to a brand new pack of 55 Seamless Subtle Grunge Patterns. These patterns are fully repeatable, with no seams, so you can repeat them infinitely to fill any area you need with a quick bit of texture, without worrying about strange edges.

Preview of Patterns in Action


Check out all 55 for yourself, 55 Seamless & Tileable Subtle Grunge Texture Patterns. Includes Photoshop .PAT file as well as 50 .JPG files for direct use in your websites. Lots of variations and colours included, but I’ve tried to stick to very soft grunge colours for the most part. Just another quick & easy way to add texture to your work, inside of Photoshop or otherwise.

Easy, Seamless Texture Patterns


These seamless textures are made up of a combination of natural textures, including paper, stone, brick, fabrics and so on. Created at 600px x 600px size and at 72dpi you’ll also find the JPG files in the pack too if you want to just use them directly in your code.

Looking for more?

Combine the textures to create an infinite combination of seamless patterns, re-colour the patterns to get even more combinations or just grab 50 more Seamless Patterns in my previous pack of patterns.