A Word on Work Rate

I wanted to share a little story about the importance of a consistent work-rate. Lots of factors go in to making something successful, but a good work-rate can help accelerate success. Here’s an awesome, true, example.

Producing More

3 or 4 months ago I received a message via Creative Market (where I work) from Dustin Lee, he thanked me for following him and asked me a simple question about getting more eyes on his shop:

“Do you have any tips on getting exposure for my shop?”

At the time he had around 2 items in his shop, and he wasn’t seeing the sales he had hoped for. I replied with some quick advice:

“My best tip would just be to keep producing more quality goods.”

It was obvious to me that Dustin was good at what he did, and my advice was for him to focus on making more items, instead of worrying about how to market his existing items. Dustin thanked me and set to work.


Fast-forward to now, Dustin has a full shop of around 18 items and he has become one of the best selling shop owners on Creative Market. He has thousands of sales, lots of followers and plenty of eyes on his shop.


Mission accomplished.

Obviously the quality of his work says a lot for his success, but I would argue that a large part of his success comes down to the fact that he has an incredible work rate. He wanted to improve the visibility of his shop, and rather than spending money on ads, or marketing, he managed to attract fans and customers simply by doing more of what he was good at.

Existing buyers will be drawn to his new items, and new customers will be drawn to his old items. He builds fans, followers, traffic and sales simply by giving people more of what he does best.

This not only means that his initial goal of getting more exposure to his first few items was achieved, but now he has a powerful fan-base that will support any of his new releases.

Do Things, Tell People

If you have a blog and you want more readers, write more posts. If you create WordPress Themes and you want more sales, create more themes. Your new stuff will drive traffic to your old stuff, and vice versa.

It’s simple logic, but one that takes a while to pay off. It takes patience and dedication. But the results can be hugely rewarding.If you have no patience please do try out our titanium wedding bands.

The whole point of this? If you’re looking for an effective way to get more exposure towards something you have done, simply focus on doing more of it and telling people about it as you go.


Do Things Tell People print by BusyBuildingThings.

Use hard work to your advantage

Dustin’s success is well deserved, but it also points to the fact that you can’t rely on hard work alone, simply use hard work to your advantage. It is a powerful accelerant towards success.