Handmade Font Bundle. 65 Fonts & Giveaway

We have a great deal on a high quality bundle of handmade fonts over at Dealotto right now. For one week only you can grab The Handmade Font Bundle, which features 65 stunning handmade fonts and over 100 textures in one bundle for just the small fee of $29.

What Inside The Handmade Font Bundle

This font bundle is easily one of the best collections of products we’ve ever had the pleasure of selling. With handwritten fonts providing very popular at the moment there’s no better time to pick up all 65 fonts (and 106 bonus textures) as you never know when they’ll come in handy. With a huge variety in styles and techniques, you have everything you need to create that hand-lettered look in moments.

Rough Brush Script

Sometimes you just want to get messy! Clean, precision fonts just don’t cut it and you want to inject some energy into your work. This is where Rough Brush shines. It’s a script font that’s full of personality and texture. The font is multilingual and comes with 1000 kerning pairs to ensure the flow of the font is natural however you use it.

Jimmy Script Font

Jimmy Script is beautifully modern script font that is inspired by script fonts of old. Available in light, regular and bold weights it comes packed full of character and it also includes a companion all caps Sans font. The two fonts can be used as separate fonts, but they truly work their magic when combined!

Handly Classic Script Font

Handly Script is a raw, classic handwritten script font that is inspired by lettering in the early 1900′s. It’s little imperfections help to retain that handwritten feel, and the font includes 700+ kerning pairs, uppercase, lowercase, numerals, and extended latin glyphs.


Rock Out – a loud Brush Script display font that is very in-your-face, in a tasteful way. This is a font that demands attention and it stands out from the crowd, while not being too rowdy (maintaining it’s legibility). All of the uppercase letters have awesome Opentype Stylistic Alternatives that bring even more versatility to the table.


The Tallow font family is an uppercase (+ small caps) hand drawn family that can be a great asset in a variety of design scenarios. Inspired by current trends, the design of Tallow is simple, effective and is available in both sans and serif styles that work great in combination.

Tallow Variations





As you can see, Tallow comes in a variety of different styles too. Each variation stands up on it’s own as a quality font, but they’re also powerful when used together. Together we have Tallow Sketch, Tallow Pen, Tallow Brush and Tallow Rough making up a great collection with plenty of character on display in each font.

Rivina Pen Font Family

Rivina Pen Font Family. These creative and playful hand drawn serifs were inspired by the do it yourself movement that has exploded in recent years. What with the overload of all things virtual, this change of direction was inevitable, and one that I accept with open arms.

Rivina Dip Pen

Rivina Dip Pen is a new addition to the creative Rivina font family and it too comes bursting full of quirkyness and handwritten charm. Available as regular and italics versions.

Petal Brush Font


Petal is a beautiful brush font that was handcrafted with a Japanese brush pen. All efforts were used to preserve the handcrafted authenticity of Petal and the proof can clearly be seen in the outcome.

Scribbling Tom

Scribbling Tom is a scratchy font that would be ideal for use in a horror or gothic inspired design. However you use it, you’ll be pleased knowing that you picked it up alongside 64 other fonts for just $29 this week.

Rivina – Layered Font

Rivina. By splitting Rivina into two parts, you, as the creator are able to choose the color of both the fill and the outline independently. This simple split opens the doors to a whole new region of creativity and allows for a whole new world of flexibility when it comes to using your fonts in the real world.

Brixton & Variations








The Brixton Font, with variations and bonus badges & ornaments has to be the star of this bundle. The collection includes Brixton, Brixton Outline, Brixton Line, Brixton Sans and Brixton Sans Outline which combined is a total of 14 individual fonts, you lucky people! As you can see from the images above, you can get some very impressive results out of using these fonts in a variety of ways.

Lance Sans and Serif Font Family

Lance Sans and Serif Font Family. The all capitals, vintage inspired Lance font family include both sans and serif alternatives. Lance is an entirely hand crafted font with all imperfections intact; enhancing that beautiful authentic feel that is now so popular.

Avera Sans + Bonus Sketch Font

Avera Sans font family. Within this handcrafted family you’ll find light, regular and bold weights with an extended glyph range (latin 1). Avera Sans is a great display font that looks good big or small and it even comes with a bonus sketch variation.

Bobby Jones Font Bundle


Bobby Jones is a beautiful family of 6 fonts. The purpose of Bobby was to be loud and proud, something that I certainly think has been achieved! It’s a big font that gives you plenty of impact upon use. Make sure you check out the various styles that come included too, there’s a whole world of variety just in this pack alone.

Tall Abbey – Serif & Sans Fonts




Tall Abbey is a font that Tom created by turning his girldfriend’s handwriting into a font. This is a very sweet idea, and rather impressively it results in one absolutely stunning font. A winning combination for sure. Available in both Serif and Sans variations. You’ll also receive a bonus pack of ornaments and 6 logo templates.

Swindale & Swindale Sans





The Swindale font family, a thick slab font built for the headlines. Initially Swindale was designed to be an all capitals font, but transformed into what you see here. It’s charming imperfections are captured in both the Slab and the Sans serif variations. So there we have it, a peek at all 65 fonts included in todays bundle!

3 Bonus Texture Packs






Tom has been kind enough to also include some texture packs to help you complete that hand-drawn feel. Included in todays bundle is 20 Assorted Paint Textures, 41 Roller Paint Textures and 45 Heavy and Subtle Grit Textures. Tom’s talent for font making is matched only by his texture making skills, so you’re in good hands with both product types!

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