Resources of the Week

Working at CreativeMarket and running Dealotto means that I’m surrounded by digital goods all day, every day. I’m going to start collecting must-have free & premium items and sharing them every week.

Data Distortions

Data Distortions are unique abstract data visualisations.

Sketchnote Typeface

The Sketchnote Typeface is the perfect handwritten font for sketchnotes.


Retrolift makes creating retro 3D style text super easy.

Handyman Font

Handyman Font + Wood Outline for that true handcrafted feel!


RetroSupply gives an instant retro look to absolutely anything!

Awesome Poster Mock-ups

Awesome Poster Mock-ups are as good as the title suggests.

Banshee Theme

Banshee is a beautiful ultra responsive WordPress theme.

Rough Edges Automator

Rough Edges Automator is a PS action that roughs up any straight lines.

All Hands Brush Set

All Hands Brush Set lets you grunge up any work.

Troia Font

Troia is a beautiful Sans Serif font that comes in 3 weights.

Halftone Paper Textures

Halftone Paper Textures give a nice halftone effect at any size.

The aim of this post (and this series) is to create a handy round-up of a variety of newly released digital goods that were released this week. The idea is to create a destination that showcases fresh, hand-picked digital goods from all over the web. Follow Me for updates.

Pinterest board

For more hand-picked design goods you could follow my Digital Goods Board on Pinterest. I collect everything design related like fonts, icons, brushes, textures, photos, vectors, themes, actions, graphics and so on.